Website Hosting Services

Conceptual Exchange Web Services provides a broad set of cloud website hosting solutions including cloud computing, storage and databases that provide businesses, no-profits and other organization types with flexible and scalable way to deliver a website or web applications to the internet.

Hosting is a essential core component to your website. This is the actual server that holds your database, content, web pages, and the media. In choosing a host, critical resource may also be needed to accommodate the architectural requirements of your site. Cloud Resources, Linux Operating System, Apache Web Servers, MySQL Databases and PHP processing engine all need to be considered. It also needs the right amount of storage, the right amount of bandwidth and appropriate access, management and security including minimizing lag and down times and strong virus defense strategies.

Website Hosting Services

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Shared and Virtual Website Hosting

Conceptual Exchanges offers cloud and traditional website hosting solutions that provide businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with a flexible and highly scalable way to deliver their websites and web applications to the internet. We have solutions for static and dynamic public website, online application, Intranet site, Mobile apps. Conceptual Exchange also offers complete email and site backup services which are typically pared with hosting.

Shared Hosting-Static(p/mth) $30.00
Shared Hosting-Dynamic(p/mth) $60.00
Email Client Hosting p/mth $20.00

Backup Pro (p/mth)

Site Backup Pro tool is a powerful resource for creating backups of all your account's files, databases, email accounts, email forwarders and filters. Provides a way to backup Daily, Weekly and Monthly incremental backups.
Backup Pro (p/mth)

Virtual Hosting p/mth

A service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud.
Virtual Hosting p/mth

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